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To the Missionaries for Christ around the globe who live their lives sacrificially as they minister to others in His name and for His kingdom.

In this book, as Jeff Maudlin recounts some of his first steps into the world of medicine, his travel to another country, his adventures as a missionary physician in HVO and HVQ, and as a climber on the slopes of the Andes, he also shares his observations about a culture different from the one into wich he was a born and readed.


In 1956, the tragic news of the death of five missionaries—Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Roger Youderian, and Pete Fleming—was heard all around the nation. Nate Saint was a missionary pilot who flew patients in need of medical care to get help.
There was no hospital in the area, so Nate partnered with others to build Hospital Vozandes Oriente (HVO) in the town of Shell on the edge of the jungle.
Even with the death of Nate Saint and the other missionaries, this vision lived on and in 1958 HVO opened its doors to the people in that area of Ecuador. Since that time many doctors, nurses, medical students, and other personnel have worked at the hospital in Shell. As you read the stories in this book, Dr. Jeffrey Maudlin will help open your eyes to both the challenges and opportunities to minister not only medically, but also spiritually.
Dr. Maudlin and his family left the United States and moved to Shell to be a vital part of this ministry.
You will be enlightened and encouraged as you read about the people, the culture, and the work that has continued in this area of the world.

Jeff and Elsa believe in the eternal importance of the work they were to undertake.

Coment by David Graham, MD

Mt Chimborazo

Ecuador Map

Tributary of Rio Napo, Tena Ecuador

What the readers say…

Greg and Brenda Shipman,

DDS; Sierra Vista, Arizona March, 2016

“We were thoroughly blessed by your book, reading it aloud. Very exciting for us to get a larger window into your experiences as a missionary doc and family in Ecuador. So evident is how God faithfully enabled you (including the whole family) in all that you did as you gave up control and availed yourselves to His plans and purposes (II Corinthians 9:8). “

Mr. McNabb

Nogales, AZ 

“It was a real page turner; I loved what you wrote about your wife.”

David Wissert,

Rio Rico, AZ 

“Thank you very much for recommending your recent literary publication, Grace In Practice, A Mission in Medicine.  It is an in-depth history of your life long endeavor to bring medical healing and religious faith to your patients, both here in the US and the jungles of Ecuador.  For me, it is a tremendous inspiration for the renewal of my faith in God and Jesus Christ.  It is worth mentioning that during reading its content, I felt the Grace of God entering my soul with an overpowering force.  I know in my heart that Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save my soul and remove the burden of my sins.  This realization brings to mind a refrain from a song I learned as a youngster: “Yes, Jesus loves me”.   Now, at an advanced age and having to endure recurring ailments, my renewed faith in Our Lord God and Jesus Christ help me to confront life’s problems with greater enthusiasm, for I know that with Him all is possible’.    

Rob Congdon

MD Missionary Doctor with SIM Africa, Nov 16, 2016

“What a great job on the book! I love the Isaiah 58 reminder, and was helped to think of my posture toward the Lord represented by the “fast”, and my medical service affirmed as a calling from above, even though the physical healing is only ‘passing’, there is the permanent part then, being the reality of Christ’s shalom in the lives of His people. Also, as you write how in our exhaustion, (as providers) we learn to draw near and find rest in His presence, an important reality for missionaries, is the critical need for humility, gentleness, love, sacrifice in the context of good team leadership that employs all of that to create a beautiful witness which explodes out from our unity as a team”.

Diane Elmore, MD

Scottsdale, AZ     May, 2016

“I have just begun reading it, but already find it a tremendous blessing.  Your heart for God and willingness to follow where He leads has always been evident, but it is a great joy to learn more about the places you have journeyed , both spiritually and physically’’.

Siri Hardwick

Rio Rico, AZ  Dec, 2016

“I read it on the plane: one minute I was laughing, one minute I was crying, I stayed up all night reading the book”.

 Suyapa Sagastume,

friend from Honduras Dec, 2016

“Un libro de amor!, ¿Cuando vuelven a Honduras?”

Naomi Bostrom, age 90

Chicago, Illinois March, 2016

“What a delightful surprise to receive and read your book, it was “captivating”. I can see some of the scenes you mention, and recall some experiences. What kind words to Harvey and me. I bet it made him smile up there (in heaven)!”

Les Young, Cissna

Park,IL  March, 2016

“Brother Jeff, while reading your book, I thought often about sending an email of blessing to you and your ministry. This book is a blessing.  I will be promoting it to people you know, and those that you do not know, Psalm 22:3 in my morning devotions.  All this to say, you made my day, as I ponder on each Bible verse and responding with some of how the Lord has worked in the Scriptures in my life and ministry”.

Lucy Ritter,

Pharmaceutical representative, Tucson, AZ March, 2016

“Thank you for introducing me to your book, which I finished in two days. It is in my ‘red light’ book category, which means that I couldn’t put it down, even reading a little at the red lights. The patient stories were so well written. The servant hearts of you, your family, and your colleagues came through clearly, with all the glory being directed to God. What an incredible schedule you had at HVO! I had previously read Elizabeth Elliot’s book, and it was great to hear how the Waorani tribe is faring. How precious that the school there is named after Nate Saint.”

Kent Kaufman

 Cissna Park, IL    June, 2016

“Great to see the book.  We should get our class together; as we approach our retirement years, consider challenging us with “What in the world are we doing” with the rest of our lives.”

Bonitha Bothell

Rio Rico, AZ  June, 2016

“It was impressive to learn about the history and extent of organization and collaboration among the missionary medical community.  One doesn’t normally think about the logistical challenges of providing services that we take for granted in such remote areas.  Someone wishing to serve could never undertake such a feat on their own”.

Roy Farrell, MD

Medical Director Carondelet Holy Cross Hospital    April, 2016

“Wow, what an experience you had!  Your family was blessed to have such an eye-opening experience as well.  I loved the individual patient stories you shared.  I was also really captivated by your descriptions of the bus rides to and from Quito, and of the climbs and hiking adventures into the volcanos that you and Elsa did.  I loved vicariously climbing that mountain with you.  You make a great adventure writer”.


Length: 221

5-1/2” x 8.5”

RELIGION/ Christian Ministry/Missions

ISBN 978-1-93851-298-8

A Mission in Medicine

Dr. Jeffrey Maudlin will help open your eyes to both the challenges and opportunities to minister not only medically, but also spiritually.

You will be enlightened and encouraged as you read about the people, the culture, and the work that has continued in this are of the world.

Soft cover $ 14.99

Available in Kindle $ 3.80


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