In 1956, the tragic news of the death of five missionaries—Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Roger Youderian, and Pete Fleming—was heard all around the nation. Nate Saint was a missionary pilot who flew patients in need of medical care to get help.


There was no hospital in the area, so Nate partnered with others to build Hospital Vozandes Oriente (HVO) in the town of Shell on the edge of the jungle.
Even with the death of Nate Saint and the other missionaries, this vision lived on and in 1958 HVO opened its doors to the people in that area of Ecuador. Since that time many doctors, nurses, medical students, and other personnel have worked at the hospital in Shell.As you read the stories in this book, Dr. Jeffrey Maudlin will help open your eyes to both the challenges and opportunities to minister not only medically, but also spiritually. Dr. Maudlin and his family left the United States and moved to Shell to be a vital part of this ministry.

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